October/November Issue - Giving Thanks

As Fall comes to a close we are given time to reflect and realize what we are thankful for. Whether it is someone we've met this year, an event that changed our lives for the better, or even an updated polished look. (Mom always said dress for success 😘) Are you thankful because someone went out of their way to acknowledge you? Maybe you experienced a life changing event, finally tried a new trend or found a new hobby. Well, if you can't think off the top of your head of something to be thankful for, you can certainly be thankful for us. We've got you covered to show off that giving spirit. Who wants to go to thanksgiving dinner in an ordinary outfit? Try serving up a polished form flattering look. Mom’s dressing won’t be the only hot dish in town! We’ve selected a few of our most “style flavors” below. 


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