About Us


I have always had a passion for fashion and the ability to put a complete outfit together by pulling from several different sources to create a polished style. My friends and family have often commented on my fashion sense, and could not believe that I would spend hours at a time, going to several stores to put together a great look!


After being told by many friends and family members that they would pay me to do this for them... Muriell's Closet was born! I chose the name as a tribute to the most beautiful and talented seamstress/designer that I know, My Mom, Muriel Maud Culbertson-Hayes

Mommy had the ability to look at a picture of any outfit and make it just from memory! We often talked about her dream to open her own boutique some day. Unfortunately she is no longer with us. This boutique is my way of fulfilling my passion and her dream! I am committed to bringing you beautiful and unique items, great prices and superb customer service! 

Just added! We now offer complimentary personal shoppers with a minimum purchase of $100 or more. for more information, please contact us via email. lorna@muriellscloset.com 


Thank you in advance for your support and for taking this journey with me into the fashion world!


Now... go forth and SHOP!!