New Year, New Beginnings, and New Fashion

Although 2021 hasn't started how we thought it would, we still have time to grasp it by the reigns and take it under our control. Perhaps you have made some resolutions, ones that you intend to keep this year. Whether it be, to become a little more active than last year, to keep in contact with those you may have lost touch with, to start a new hobby, to look after yourself, or to try to find yourself. It's better if we look at the positives rather than the negatives of what our new year can bring us. For instance, we can focus on: living in the moment, unity in the community, new beginnings, or something as simple as fashion. While we are still facing a pandemic, why not invest in a new mask? Because wearing mask is the new norm, you can never have too many in stock. After all mask are now apart of our everyday outfits and a way to express oneself. Take look at some of our stylish choices.

Don't forget to wear your masks, 

Lanae C. Editor in Chief

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