June/July Issue - Summer Splash

June/July Issue - Summer Splash

 June 21st marks the official start to Summer 2022! It's time to break out the bathing suits, the summer outfits, the barbecues, and a whole lot of fun! (Well that is, if you haven't already!) Even though June is beginning to wrap up, there's still plenty of summer to enjoy! There's always something to do while the wheather is nice and warm. Go relax at the beach, get that summer tan! Or twirl around in a beautiful sundress!  Let your mouth water at the sizzle of some good ole fashion barbecue! Kickback, relax and spend some much needed time with loved ones! Whatever you plan to do for the summer, we've got some looks for you! 

Here's Cecila; a delightful animal print kimono. Yes animal print, which is still very much in style! Cecilia features breathable soft fabric, and pairs well with your favorite tank dress, shorts or as a beach cover up! 


Then there's Isabella! Very beautiful and a work of art. Wanna make a statement at the next barbecue, here's how you do it!

These are just two of our lovely Items. There's plenty more where that came from! Maybe you don't know what to pair with these dresses well then you're in luck. Join our style club where we give you complete styles that'll fit your taste. It's only $10 a month and new members still can join for free until September 30th! If you have an questions or want more information, please email Lorna@muriellscloset.com.

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