June/July/August Issue - Summer Sizzle

June/July/August Issue - Summer Sizzle

Finally summer is in action! Students and teachers alike are getting out of school ready to have some summer fun! Vacations, barbeques, good weather, summer outfits including floral patterns! Yep you heard right, floral patterns are the seasons prize piece. The pattern goes great for any event! Especially when it comes to showing off at the family outing.

Like Sole' a beautiful yet subtle floral printed dress. She flows just like a flower petal in the wind. Ready to bloom under the warm rays of the sun. While wearing Sole' you'll do more than just bloom, you'll flourish like never before!  

Unlike Sole' who's floral and comes in the one color, there's Mallory! She comes in 6 stylish patterns; abstract, leopard, stripes, blue patch squares, waves and colorful watercolor like squares. Although she's not floral she's got petal sleeves keeping up that floral theme I mentioned earlier! She sleek and cute and sure to brighten your bouquet.

Finally there's Penelope; a pretty jumpsuit that comes in two different colors, orange like the sun and blue like the sky. She's comfortable like a bed of roses and shines like the sun. She's pretty like a petal but can be sharp like a rose thorns. Her looks can put a smile to anyone's face and so can you!


Happy Summer! Enjoy the summer rays and the time spent with family!

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