Holiday Givings

   This Holiday Season is certainly different than most. As we're forced to continue our social distancing, why not continue to do so stylishly. Even though we don't always have a reason to leave the house, that shouldn't keep us from being our most fashionable. If you need to be encouraged to do something in your best wear. Look no further! This year, Muriell's closet has partnered together with a local women's shelter right here in Georgia! Our partnership is to encourage and uplift woman who are currently going through trials and tribulations. We've decided to give them some of our newer items to help lift their spirits and aid them in such troubling times. If you yourself are interested in giving back to others, there are things you can do to help. Of course while being very safe and very fashionable. To help your community and those around you, you can: volunteer at a homeless shelter, purchasing toys for children organizations through a toy drive, picking up extra can goods to shop for a neighbor, purchasing extra masks for local hospitals. No matter how you choose to give back in your community, you can still look chic. By taking a look below you can access our seasons hottest items.
Happy Holidays,

Lanae C. Editor in Chief 

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