February/March Issue - Love Yourself

February/March Issue - Love Yourself

L-O-V-E. A very common four letter word that we tend to throw around. Sometimes we truly mean and others we think we mean it. But what does it mean? Love, is a feeling of deep affection. More often than not love is for another. Rarely do we ever say "I love myself" it's always "I love you" or "I love [insert name]" but it's never our name. This season of love and want I challenge you to love yourself. Do at least three nice things for yourself. How about you make a mental note of just a few things you adore about yourself and focus on those lovely qualities. Maybe take a day to yourself, treat yourself, tell yourself that you love you. Maybe you want to just spend time at home, catch up on that show you've been dying to finish, or treat yourself to some of your favorite food. Maybe you like to shop and need some retail therapy or simply just want to splurge on you. 

Enjoy the twins, Lilly and Layla!

Lily with her Navy look bringing a little Spring to your step early. Show everyone how passionate you are about you while being comfortable.

Or Layla with her ivory glow. Something a little toned down and easy on the eyes. She's sure to make you smile as you strut yourself. 

You can always treat yourself with some shoes. Love your feet in comfort because you are one HOT MESS!

Step out in style and show everyone how you strut your stuff!

So love yourself, because we love you.

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