Fashion while Social Distancing?

We are certainly in a different space and time now. So much going on in the world and many looking for the right answers. One thing is for sure. Depression and anxiety are at an all time high. Thankfully we have folks and organizations in place to handle these mentally and physically challenging times. As crazy as it may sound, taking the time to invest in your appearance is one way to fight off those feelings of isolation. If you are still fortunate to have  a job, why not dress up for the next tele- conference? I have a friend that started dressing just to walk to her mailbox. She would literally do a cat walk to the mailbox and post her antics on social media. I found myself looking forward to each day, and it's anticipated runway garments! While this simple act will not be the answer for more life altering events, it is a nice and simple way to spread some cheer, and laughter! Take a look at some of our newest fashions that are sure to put a spring in your Spirit and add a pep to your step! Click the link below to shop!

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