August/Sept Issue-Falling in Love with Fall!

It's time to fall in love with Fall. Summer may be over but it doesn't have to be a bummer. Wear your fall apparell! Looking for a look that screams bold? Bring a little summertime madness to your fall wardrobe. Take this seasons saturated colors and pair it with cargo pants. Add a lavender color blouse. Throw a vest in there or even some stylish jeans! These are just a few color trends to keep you falling in line. (Jokes are free- LOL). Add a splash of indigo blue, a deeper shade of green or a bold Nature inspired Orange. While many of us are choosing to mask, why not keep it fashionable?

Want something that gives you a little extra accent? Add one of our waist belts for some spice! Redifine the fall look you wouldn't want to leaf.  

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