April/May Issue - Freshly Dressed for Spring

Finally, spring has come!

Beautiful weather, scenery, and all new emotions begin to surface. Trees grow stronger and regain their leaves, full of new energy and vibrant green. Flowers begin to bloom, opening up for all eyes to see. That's not all that begins to bloom! New relationships get a chance to grow and thrive like the flowers that arrived. The spring aesthetic comes back around bringing the perfect weather for dresses and blouses. New outfit combinations begin to hit the surface awaiting those destined compliments. Once again shops and restaurants are opening up, accepting customers old and new. While staying safe is still necessary, it won't hurt to get up and get out once in a while. If you haven't experienced a good get-together lately, call some friends. Invite your friends out to eat or throw a small party. You have all Spring to do some cleaning. Maybe you have the perfect outfit in mind. Luckily you don't have to look any further! We have dresses, blouses, and accessories fit for spring. We have outfit combinations of all sorts! Maybe you aren't too sure what your spring style is. No worries, we've got you covered! We now offer a style club complete with guidance and advice that will just scream YOU! The subscription is only $10 a month (wow, just $10!?). But wait, there's more! The style club is free to new members until June 30th! For more information, please email

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