What To Wear -Spring 2018-Fashion for Women over 40.

Can you feel it? The tingle in your nose, the warmth on your face, the birds singing so melodically. Yes, It's that time of year again. SPRING IS HERE! And with every new season, and new year, the age old question comes to mind....hmmm. now let's see...what am I going to wear this season? Not to fret my lovelies. I have the top 5 trends for Spring 2018!

1. Bright and Bold Color! Don't be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe. From bright pinks, to neon green... the possibilities or endless! If you are not ready to muster up the courage to be bold with your apparel, simply add some color with accessories. A colorful handbag, pumps or belt will keep you in the fashion forward lane, without taking you out of your comfort zone. 

2. Ruffles! Ruffled sleeves, hemline, or  jeans are making their way to the runway. Try a solid neutral color jacket with ruffles, to maximize this trending look. 

3. Exposed Shoulders are a continuation of last years very popular look. Before you bare those shoulders, pamper yourself with a good exfoliating scrub and the oil or body cream of your choice. My Fave is an all natural body cream from Wunder products Inc. Check out the link below to purchase. These products are hand made and all natural.


4. Pumps! I love a well made pair of pumps! As I mature in age, I find that compromising the health and appearance of my feet are never worth wearing an attractive pair of shoes! I will not compromise comfort for fashion. I found an awesome pair of very comfortable, classic, and chic pair of red pumps from DSW. (see pic below)


5. Slits. Showing a little skin is in! Slits in pants and tops! Take a look at the pics below, and follow my links to shop as well!

  1. Wide Leg Pants 

  2. Leather Tote Bag



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